Varna - an ancient city with a rich history!

Varna has been inhabited since prehistoric times, Thracian tribes were locals in the 5th century BC, before Mesopotamia and the pyramids. The discovered gold treasure in the Varna necropolis is the oldest processed gold in the world. This testifies to a developed civilization and is considered to be the place where European civilization was born.

Varna is a wonderful Black Sea city, located in a bay, intertwining old and new, modern and ancient. Here one can enjoy the sunset with a drink in hand, wander the older streets in the Greek quarter / Taliana /, peek into the antiquity of the Roman baths.

Varna will offer you many opportunities and experiences – museums, theaters, opera, remarkable in size and richness of vegetation Sea Garden, day and night entertainment, bars, cafes, relaxation areas and attractions. You can soon enjoy the sea from the renovated promenade to the Sea Station.

The cathedral and the return of the splendor of its domes will add more charm and will delight the citizens and visitors of Varna. The clock tower will make passers-by dream of the past and embark with renewed vigor on their daily lives.

Varna residents and guests would not be bored among the charm of this city.

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