Spa treatments for a great tan: Learn their secret

A year-round tan all over the body is every person’s dream. In today’s modern lifestyle, beach is not the only way to get a nice tanning experience on your skin, but still remains the safest. Of course, with the help of just a few visits to the tanning bed, you will also be able to catch an even tan, although dermatologists do not recommend visiting it very frequently due to its harmful influence on your skin and its health.


Catching a perfect tan that is even and without spots and burn scars is a matter of proper preparation and use of the right products. An often overlooked method of great tan is through spa treatments. In the first-class spas, such as the one at the Royal hotel, there are a number of relaxing services at your disposal, including those for skin preparation before sun exposure and proper care after sun exposure.


The right path to a great suntan is the right skin preparation


From the very beginning, before proceeding to exposure to tanning bed procedures, it is only proper to prepare your skin. This is especially important, particularly in cases where your skin is white, sensitive and prone to burns. Experts advise not to expose yourself abruptly to the sun and when you do so, use sunscreen with the right UV protection.


The first step is the correct exfoliation  of the skin, whereby the dead cells are removed. The spa procedure for preparing the skin to acquire a great tan starts with a gentle full body massage with a mix of oils, body oil, sea salt and brown sugar. With the help of this mixture, the dead cells are gently removed, and the skin becomes tender and soft. For its refreshment, it is recommended to take a warm shower, and the spa procedure ends with the application of a special soothing cream to the whole body, which will help you keep the acquired tan.


Tan care in the first days

 First-class spa centres offer a special procedure to soothe the skin after sun exposure and help retain the tan. Many of you know that after a sea holiday, a great tan is retained for only a few weeks. The cases when the skin becomes dry and begins to peel are not uncommon either.


Keep the tan with a spa treatment at the Royal hotel. It includes a 90-minute full- body massage with a revitalising and firming cream. A moisturising lotion is added, which aims to soothe the dehydrated and stressed skin, and is spread with smooth and gentle massaging movements.


More tips for a great tan all year round

  • Avoid abrupt exposure to sun or tanning bed treatments. At first, make short exposures enough to prepare your skin;
  • Use high-protection sunscreens;
  • Avoid sunburns, because they leads to the appearance of dark spots that are not beautiful;
  • Eat more vegetables containing beta carotene. This will help the release of melamine, which is responsible for acquiring a great skin tan;
  • Moisturise your skin regularly after exposure to the sun or tanning bed visits;
  • To retain the tan after the sea holiday, it is desirable to continue to expose yourself to the sun for at least an hour a day;


Applying spa treatments for before and after sun exposure will help you immensely in the laborious mission of acquiring an enviable suntan, which is golden, even and long-lasting. These treatments can be found at the Royal hotel in Varna, where you can treat yourself to a great holiday in an aristocratic atmosphere filled with many entertainments and interesting moments.

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