Organise team building events at the Royal Varna-2

You are wondering where to organise the annual team building meeting to unite the team? The Royal luxury hotel is here for you. Located in Burov Square, the Royal boasts a centuries-old history, during which it has preserved its authentic appearance and luxurious furnishings. The perfect place for business meetings and team building events and special occasions.

Especially for such gatherings, the Royal hotel provides a large and tastefully decorated Baroque conference room, with a large table, chairs and walls beautifully decorated with paintings. The hall is illuminated by two crystal chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling. The hotel ensures a high level of service and privacy for its guests. The conference hall is separated from the other part of the hotel.

While discussing with co-workers and bosses the next steps in business, the staff of the Royal hotel will serve you tempting desserts, Italian cakes, French croissants, Sacher cake after an original recipe, as well as aromatic Turkish coffee made by a professional barista. For special occasions, you can clink glasses with a fresh cocktail, a drink or aperitif before meals. All this and many other offers are available directly from the Burov coffee shop at the hotel.

The Royal hotel offers its guests a paid car park, VIP places in the front and at the side of the building, indoor garages and a separate outdoor car park where you can leave your car while you are on team building with your team.

The Luxury Royal hotel provides an excellent environment for business meetings, team building, celebrations and important gatherings, surrounded by stylish baroque furniture, in an amenities-filled setting.

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