Conference room

Welcome to the spacious conference room at the Royal luxury hotel, furnished in Baroque style with French furniture. We offer you a pleasant and secluded atmosphere, suitable for business meetings, team building events, important gatherings and celebrations.

Today, a million things have changed in the business circles, especially in the last year. A large number of people work online, which on the one hand is a privilege for some, but for others it distances the collective and creates barriers in teamwork. The most important thing for any prosperous company is the team behind its name. People need to come together to exchange information and draw closer together face-to-face, and what better place to do that than the conference room?

Privileges that the conference hall of the Royal luxury hotel gives you:

  • A secluded setting
  • Luxurious furniture and a pleasant atmosphere
  • High level of service

The comfort and convenience of your team are ensured by our approachable and friendly staff. At your request, drinks and something delicious to eat can be served in the Burov coffee shop at the Royal hotel while discussing important matters with friends, co-workers, partners and superiors.

The conference hall at the Royal hotel – an excellent place for business, team building meetings, gatherings and feasts

You have a forthcoming important business meeting? The right place is the Royal hotel, which will offer you a spacious luxuriously furnished conference room, providing a private atmosphere, comfort and an extremely high level of service. Book convenience and a confidential setting for your business at any time on +359895464567. The Royal luxury hotel looks forward to you!