Atanas Burov’s 200-kilogramme sculpture to adorn the eponymous square in Varna in front of the Royal luxury hotel

Many years ago, the idea of designing an imposing sculpture of the famous financier Atanas Burov, who participated in two governments before September 9, 1944 and was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment, was conceived. Finally, a dream has come true and is about to rise in the old part of Varna, in the square bearing the name of the Burov family. It is sponsored by the two brothers Anton and Petar Ganevi, owners of the newly renovated Royal luxury hotel, in front of which Burov’s sculpture will rise.

The task was assigned to Plovdivian sculptor Atanas Karadechev, who spent a year reading and researching the financier and struck by his insight and way of thinking, he developed an impressive sculpture cast in the foundry in Stara Zagora. It is entirely made of brass and has a height of 1.8m and weight of 200 kg. Atanas Burov is presented standing at full height, in a tailcoat and a with bowler hat, which were an integral part of his appearance at the time. In his left hand he is holding a pocket watch, and in the right one – a walking stick. The sponsors and the sculptor Karadechev held several meetings, during which they carefully discussed exactly how Burov should be depicted. Finally, they came to the conclusion that the financier deserves to be presented in his peak form, when he evoked admiration in people with his appearance, knowledge and way of thinking.

“The very idea of the sculpture dates back years ago,” informed Anton Ganev, one of the sponsors. He himself admires Burov’s work and patriotism, having conducted a thorough study of all data available on the banker.

On February 12, the sculpture was taken from Stara Zagora to the city of Varna, where it will be placed in Varna Square right in front of the aristocratic building of the Royal hotel. For the opening, a lavish celebration is planned, to which all residents and guests of the Sea Capital and people from all over the country are invited.

Atanas Burov’s sculpture is the fourth in a row. There are sculptures already placed in Sofia, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Pazardzhik. A bust of the financier was installed in 2019 in the European Parliament building.

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